Badge Mates that advertise the COVID-19 Vaccination.  Now that we have the vaccination to fight and eliminate    COVID-19, the race is on to get America (and the world) vaccinated.  Once the population reaches a point of collective immunity where the disease is no longer likely to spread, it reaches the herd immunity threshold.  The estimate for COVID-19 is roughly 50% - 80% of the population will need to be vaccinated to reach the herd immunity threshold.  Hospitals, Health Centers, Schools (Teachers and Principals), Drug Store Chains, etc., all advertise that they have been vaccinated by wearing badges saying so and that will help lead others to be vaccinated.

The Badges are part of the educational process of the importance to be vaccinated.  If there are concerns, the people wearing the badge can erase those concerns with information!  Make it matter.

Production:  10 day production after proof approval.  Rush service is available.

HID30-HC, HID10-OC and HID30-VC can be found on our website.