Face Mask Holders for cars saves the day by holding on to our face masks and keeping them in clear view! No more finding the masks on the floor of the car or buried under things on the car seat. When you need it, it will be right in front of you on the rear view mirror. The holder can also serve as a parking permit.

On the backside (facing the driver), “Make It Matter” with a thank you from the CEO to their employees for their dedication. Include what their company is doing to promote a healthy environment for them. This would reinforce the company's appreciation. This Face Mask Holder for cars can continue to acknowledge recognition once this pandemic passes. Add a bar code and number and now the holder can tie into supporting future recognition programs such as reduced parking during Nurse Appreciation week, etc.

Other prospects for this item are hospitals, technology, pharmaceuticals, utility companies, aeronautics, auto industry, computer, newspaper, airports, banking, supermarkets, non-profit organizations - any business that deals with people.

5 working day production (after proof approval) for these Face Mask Holders for cars during the pandemic. Item Numbers: FMHC-30 and FMHC-30M can be found on our website.