Badge Mates are used every day by Hospitals.  Since states have been requiring stricter mandates to include titles of their healthcare employee, rather than redo the picture ID badges, our Badge Mate becomes a less expensive way to go.  In addition to that, the title/message (RN, Doctor, Admin., Surgeon, etc.) is clearly visible.  During emergencies or just daily routines, it makes the day easier for a patient, visitor or employee to easily recognize who they are interacting with.

The Badge Mate drops down below their ID badges in order to show their title and have it easily seen.   

With the extra help hospitals now have, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, additional badges mates are needed and being ordered. Badge Mates have room to include that particular hospital's emergency codes (pink code, red code, etc.) .  Make It Matter!

10 day production (once the proof is approved).  Rush service is available.

The item numbers: (HID30-H) and (HID30-V) can be found on our website